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Granite Pre-Mium

Granite Pre-MIUM 20 Serve

Best Before 9/2021

Where the mind leads, the body will follow.

Pre-Mium – Pre-Workout Formula

It’s time to train… Are you ready?...

We’re not asking about whether your training strategy, your diet or your gym bag is in order…

The question is: Are you ready to manifest the physique you see in your mind’s eye? Are you building up your focus, laser like intention, and the unbreakable mental strength that will ensure that this workout really matters?...

This is what Pre-Mium is all about: Priming you physiologically and psychologically to perform optimally. We’re talking about generating the mental fortitude to blast you through the physiological barriers, workout by workout, that stand in the way of the your physique, strength and human performance goals.

Pre-Mium takes a three-pronged approach in preparing you for superhuman efforts:

  • L-Citrulline for a Great Pump
  • A Performance blend for a productive workout: Creatine, ß-Alanine and Betaine
  • A Cognitive blend to keep your mind sharp: Lion’s Mane plus Theacrine, Caffeine, Theobromine, and N-Acetyl-Tyrosine!

Each Blend has been carefully formulated with ingredients in clinically tested doses – you won’t find Granite supplements “fairy-dusted” with miniscule amounts to fancy up the label. Additionally, we includes a smaller dose of ß-Alanine (Carnosyn®) upon which a more aggressive supplement regime can be built (e.g., by supplementing at other times of the day.

L-Citrulline for a Great Pump

Helping you get a great pump is just one way Pre-Mium can promote muscle gains, not to mention make you feel great and look phenomenal during your workout.

  • The hefty 6g dose of L-Citrulline (as both free form and as DL Malate) in Pre- Mium bolsters nitric oxide synthesis by elevating both arginine and nitrite!], thus opening up blood vessels to allow more blood into active muscle, while improving exercise performance. L-Citrulline may also diminish muscle soreness, and thus aid recovery!
  • L-Citrulline is a healthy supplement, to boot, as it has the potential to support compromised heart contractility, as well as enhance immune function, and even protect against injury to the gut (GI tract).

Performance Blend

Everyone loves a great pump, but it’s mechanical overload and metabolic stress – the heavy and hard, fatiguing (and painful) training – that are tried and true muscle growth signals. In other words, outrageous gym performances goes hand in hand with outrageous physiques, and the Pre-Mium Performance Blend exploits the synergy of 3 ergogenic ingredients (in scientifically-backed dosages) to put you on the path to outrageousness:

  • Creatine monohydrate is a supplement staple for good reason: It increases performance, muscle and strength gains, and is intrinsically anabolic. We intentionally put Creapure® creatine into the Pre-Mium - as part of a pre- workout formulation – to make use of the creatine-loading effect of muscle contraction. For an even better creatine-loading effect, you can emply an intra-workout carb source (like Recovery or Intra-Carb). Why you ask?.. The pairing of creatine alongside carbohydrate means both more creatine storage as well as more glycogen storage. Thus, intra-workout carbs (plus creatine) means higher glycogen levels and sustained performance during your workout.
  • ß-Alanine supplementation fills your muscles’ carnosine tanks, topping off your capacity to buffer acidity during high intensity efforts. This means a stronger kick at the finish line, better performance lifting weights or doing intervals, and more importantly, more muscle mass over the long haul. [In other words, we’ve stacked ß-alanine with creatine in Pre-Mium to give you better gains.] The 1.8g dose of ß-alanine (as patented Carnosyn®) found in Pre-Mium alone should produce a modest increase in muscle carnosine levels, but limit the skin-tingling (paresthesia) side effect that larger doses of ß-alanine are famous for. [NOTE: Ergogenic effects from ß-alanine are a probably a matter of increasing muscle carnosine over time. Supplementing with ~3-4g of additional ß-alanine, spread throughout the day, should produce much higher carnosine levels more quickly, but a cumulative dose of ~180g, spread over a longer loading period, should also do the trick.]
  • Found naturally in food, Betaine is cell volumizer (osmolyte) and source of methyl groups, meaning it’s good for the liver and kidney, and used in the synthesis of molecules like creatine and carnitine. Betaine is both ergogenic and inherently anabolic: Just two weeks of supplementation (2.5g/d via 2 x 1.25g doses) can increase bench and squat performance, jumping power, and make fatiguing exercise feel easier. When fed to growing livestock, betaine increases muscle gains and reduces body fat. More importantly, in exercising humans (like you, you animal!), the same modest dosing regime is enough to amplify both the intracellular anabolic signaling and reduce blood cortisol, both of which can mean more muscle growth.
  • The performance blend may also carry have health benefits. Creatine supplementation may protect against heat, musculoskeletal injury and neurodegeneration. Both creatine and betaine are heart friendly via their anti-inflammatory effects and by lowering blood homocysteine levels, a predictor of heart disease. Additionally, evidence is starting to accumulate that increasing carnosine levels via ß-alanine supplementation could theoretically have anti-tumor and anti-diabetic effects.

Cognitive Blend

The rubber meets the road – hard – with Pre-Mium’s Cognitive Blend. When it’s time to blast through your workout with laser-like focus, count on Pre-Mium is an energy source to turbo-charge your willpower.

  • We’ve included 500mg of a concentrated (4:1) Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceum) extract in Pre-Mium because of its nootropic effects: It can both increase alertness during the waking hours, while supporting restful sleep at night, vital for recovery. While medicinal mushrooms like Lion’s Mane are largely unexplored, relative to the large number of mushroom species on the planet earth, there are growing number of studies of their bioactive compounds. This especially holds true for Lion's Mane, which has demonstrated beneficial psychoactive, neurotrophic, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor and many other medicinal properties.
  • The Pre-Mium Cognitive Blend also stacks three purine alkaloids to ensure clean mental focus: Theacrine (100mg), caffeine (250mg) and theobromine(60mg). When it comes to strength and power performance caffeine isn’t always an effective ergogenic for everyone, all the time. So, Pre- Mium contains maybe the “cleanest” over-the-counter stimulant of them all: Theacrine (as Teacrine®). Theacrine improves mood, focus, subjective feelings of energy, and motivation to exercise, but actually decreases anxiety. Even after months of daily use (300mg) theacrine does not lose effectiveness or hook you into a nasty habit [which may be the case for caffeine]. On the other hand, co-administering theacrine with caffeine may actually prevent de-sensitization. The Pre-Mium “alkaloid trinity” is topped off by a small dose of theobromine, another mood booster for some individuals that counterbalances the caffeine’s hypertensive (blood pressure elevating) effect. It’s possible that theobromine may synergize with caffeine to promote arousal, but reduce perceived exertion during exercise because it’s also a bronchodilator.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is Pre-Mium’s soluble source of L-tyrosine, a precursor for catecholamine synthesis (e.g., noradrenaline and dopamine), thus supporting brain neurotransmitter levels to improve cognitive performance. For instance, in lab animals put under stress, tyrosine normalizes feeding and activity behavior. In stressed “gym animals” (again, that’s you), tyrosine may actually promote the aggressive mentality needed to push past performance barriers.

Disclaimer: Responses to alkaloid stimulants are variable. L-Tyrosine may interact with certain drugs (such as MAOIs, Levodopa and thyroid medications).


** Please see full Pre-Mium documentation for citations and references.


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